Dark Day Picks

Venetian Red inaugurates a new feature in honor of “dark” Monday, traditionally the day of the week when galleries and museums are closed. Every Monday we will highlight a few current exhibitions, new installations, or art world tidbits. Get a  jump start on a week filled with art. 


Crown Point Press (20 Hawthorne Street, SF)—photogravures from Susan Middleton. Through April 7. Coverage at ChezNamasteNancy


Cain Schulte (714 Guerrero St. SF)—Will Marino until April 25. Coverage at Bay Area ArtQuake.



SFMoMA—new work from Ranjani Shettar. Shettar mixes contemporary sculpture techniques with ancient Indian textile wrapping to form airy sculptures that evoke water-environments. Coverage at SF Examiner.


KQED “Spark”—Inside Banghra (Wednesday, 4/8/09, 7:30). Venetian Red on Bhangra.

2 Responses to “Dark Day Picks”

  1. What a great idea! I was running around today, finishing off my taxes and wishing that I had a show to look at to take my mind off things and to feel that I’m moving forward. This is the next best thing to being there!

  2. Thank you for introducing me to the work of Will Marino (among others).

    I love your blog!

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