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“Economic Woes”—Look Down!:IWP, SR#7

Posted in Bay Area Art Scene, Graffiti, Liz Hager with tags , , , on August 11, 2008 by Liz Hager

©2008 Liz Hager

Date: 08/11/08

Time: 11:31 am

Location: Brosnan between Valencia & Guerrero

“Indispensable Wisdom on the Pavement”: Most likely penned during the 80s, this person’s economics primer reminded me that the relevancy of indispensable wisdom, like the economy, ebbs and flows.  While Reagan is no longer with us, tough economic times are.  

American economy is like a sick man with a thermometer up his ass. Every month someone yanks it out and takes a reading. If the banking rate stays up, the inflation down, unemployment will disappear and the man will recover. Strange Rxs. R. Reagan sucks. Herb Cain —

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