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“Marriage” —Look Down!:IWP, SF#6

Posted in Bay Area Art Scene, Graffiti, Liz Hager with tags , , , , on August 8, 2008 by Liz Hager

©2008 Liz Hager

Date: 08/08/08

Time: 8:48 am

Location: Duboce & Guerrero, NE pavement

“Indispensable Wisdom on the Pavement”: The SF Chronicle carried a story this week about the 16,000 or so couples in Beijing rushing to get married today, 08/08/08 being a highly-auspicious number in China. Apparently, there were more than a few who were even trying to squeeze in a little extra good fortune by scheduling their marriage vows at 8:08 am. It’s also the reason the Olympic officials planned the opening ceremonies for today; I suppose they were hoping to offset all the “bad luck” surrounding the upcoming games—appalling pollution, for starters.  

I happened upon this piece of wisdom on the pavement while on my way to a meeting this morning and a carpe diem moment materialized. Although the shot is 40 minutes late to cash in on the super Vegas jackpot, I’m hoping that at least hitting the 8-8-8- trifecta will bring some luck my way.   If that happens, I promise to pass along a little to you, dear reader!

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