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Rembrandt, Self-Portrait with Saucer Eyes, 1630
(Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt)

VENETIAN RED is no longer publishing. Posts can now be viewed on FIGURATIVE SPEAKING.

12 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. I LOVE your site…found it searching for asparagus art. I mentioned your “asparagus art” post on our hobby farm blog. I love the insect art too. Maria S. Merian is one of my favorites!!!

    fyi…the only photography class i took was with a guy 20 years ago who left nyc…blanking his name now. he was one of robert mapplethorpe’s printers.

    I know how much time it takes to research for these posts. You all are amazing. Thank you for blogging your inspirations.

    • Christine Cariati Says:

      So glad you discovered VR, thanks for your comments. I certainly enjoyed perusing your farm blog, it’s really lovely. I’m a life-long city dweller (born and raised in New York City, then San Francisco) but a year spent living in very rural Vermont definitely gave me a taste of an alternate-universe life that I always wished I could squeeze in somewhere…
      Sorry about your hen.

      • Christine Cariati Says:

        Hi Lisa,

        There was no attached image with your note—there were many images in that post, which one are you referring to?


  2. Congratulations on your award! It’s good to know that the thoroughly researched, well-written, always engaging Venetian Red is being recognized for its excellence. Hope you keep it up for a long, long time.
    Mimi Jensen

  3. I was just directed to your site via Molly Peacock’s site about her new book the Paper Garden. I have just spent a lovely time looking and reading. Entering your site is like entering a secret room full of treasures.

    I am a collage artist, based in New York City – my work is based on fairy tales and enchanted spaces.

    I look forward to many more visits to your site.

    Best, Caroline

    • Caroline
      Welcome aboard, we are so happy you have found Venetian Red! You in turn have given us a wonderful gift, a description of the site as “a secret room full of treasures.” Thank you so much.

  4. maureen drdak Says:

    Hello Liz, found your site and especially appreciate both its name and your discussion of Grunewald-and the spiritual effect of thes works-and others. I want to introduce you to my work-the Killing of Lions; An Iraqi War Meditation…I think you’ll see the relevance of your remarks to my work interest. You can also read an essay on this work-just google the title. Keep up the interesting writing…
    Best, Maureen

  5. Ioannis Constantinou Says:

    I would like to inform you that the icon from Cyprus you present in your site titled ” Mary and Child” is actually that of Saint Anne (Mary’s mother) who is holding the Virgin Mary while she was a child.
    I hope you correct your mistake.

  6. jean baxter Says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy a print of the drawing by Gwen John of Virginia Woolf?

  7. Heidi Mckee Says:

    wonering if any of the art is for sale and how to do that?

  8. Hello,
    I would love to know what lace was used over the face of Gloria Swanson in here famouse shot? If know one knows,perhaps you know of something similar? I am hoping to purchase some lace just like that one.Thank you.

  9. Hello.
    My name is David Nielsen. I am a painter out of Calgary, Alberta Canada. I discovered your site while researching David Milne. It is an wonderful blog.
    I have been using Venetian Red as a base colour for my paintings for nearly 25 years. It is such a huge part of my identity as a painter, I cannot even begin to explain it significance. I was taught all about VR by a teacher and mentor of mine named Howard Fussiner who worked around New Haven, CT and Deer Isle, ME. I owe so much to Howard for showing me VR.
    Just thought I would share this with you. Have a great day.
    All the best,
    David Nielsen

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