Best of the VR Blogroll

Editor’s Note: We’re not sure how often Venetian Red readers click through to the links on our blogroll, but we are always amazed at the wealth of information and inspiration contained on these sites.  Today we offer especially interesting highlights from this week on the blogroll.   Liz Hager returns next week.

Bob Duggan on Big Think: “Every Move You Make “

Joanne Matttera: “Brenda Goodman at John Davis Gallery, Hudson”

Tyler Green: “Moments of Amusing Incongruity”

Brian Oard: “Beauty and Terror: Essays on the Power of Painting”

Lines and Colors: “On Beauty and the Everyday: The Prints of James McNeill Whistler”

(Photo by Dante Busquets)
We Make Money Not Art: “Postopolis DF: 2 Activists from Mexico”

4 Responses to “Best of the VR Blogroll”

  1. Wonderful selections you’ve highlighted. Thank you.

  2. What a wonderful set of new art blogs to explore. I knew about “Lines and Colors” but I didn’t know about the rest. I see that Brian Oard has written a whole series of essays on painters that I find fascinating – both old and new masters.

  3. Great editorial idea! And I’m delighted my blog is included. Thanks.

  4. gabriela Fernandez Says:

    I¨m very surprised to find a Dante´s photograph here i love this blog and all their content

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