Dark Day Picks

On Mondays Venetian Red celebrates the day of the week when most galleries and museums are traditionally closed. “Dark Day Picks” highlights current exhibitions, new installations, books, and art world tidbits. Get a jump on a week filled with art.

Ratio 3—Mitzi Pederson, I’ll Start Again. New work from this 2008 Whitney Biennial artist, whose work explores the formal qualities of abstract sculpture. Pederson manipulates materials such as wood, paper, sand and string to create sculptures and drawings, which further explore states of permanence, tension, and chance.  Sept. 11 – October 24.

Hespe GalleryKim Cogan, Inside Out. Kim Cogan specializes in dreamy urban (SF) landscapes. Kenneth Baker observed  Cogan practices “realism with an abstract painter’s feel and taste for rich surface detail and color nuances.”  Through September 30.

Catharine Clark—Sandow Birk, American Qur’an.  Birk spent 2001-2004 studying the complexities of Catholicism and Christianity by translating Dante’s Divine Comedy into contemporary vernacular. That period corresponded to the growing preoccupation by Americans with Islam. After visiting four Islamic countries, Birk began work on an authentic English version of the Qur’an illustrated by hand in the manner of illuminated manuscript tradition with scenes from American life. Several dozen pages are on view, October 3 – 31.

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