Venetian Red Turns 200



Henri Matisse, Interior in Venetian Red, 1946
Oil on linen, 36 1/4 x 25 1/2″
(Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique)

Before we launched Venetian Red, one trusted blogmeister advised us that it would take at least 200 posts before we’d really get noticed. Back in May 2008, that seemed like an impossible goal, nearly unfathomable in its abstraction. And yet, by the miracle of passion and diligence, here we are. Of course, 200 is just an arbitrary signpost; it’s what’s behind the number that’s most important.

As two working artists, we conceived this blog as a vehicle to share our perspectives on the collective creative endeavor. We wanted a forum to dig more deeply into what influences and inspires us creatively. We wanted to delve into the mysteries and commonalities of creating art. We wanted to explore the connections, big and small, between the art and design worlds. We wanted to think out loud about the issues that concern us. We decided to do this in a public realm, because making art, like being human, is more richly experienced as a collaborative process.

We’re proud of our work to date, which, true to our interests, is wide-ranging. Venetian Red has tackled Old Masters and kuba cloth; painters and lace makers; photographers and Russian windows; site works and artists writing about art. In places, we’ve gone deep—over the past 14 months we’ve devoted a lot of space to the Victorians and the Ottomans. (Well why not? They’re a fascinating lot.)  On other topics, we’ve only skimmed the surface. Thankfully, there is so much more to discuss.

And while pondering and writing have been fulfilling in their own right, our biggest reward has been finding you, our group of loyal readers. When we posted our first entry, A Crimson Fez, we had no idea whether what we had to say would interest anyone else. Miraculously, though, you showed up. In numbers (some of you from half-way around the globe) and with feedback. For that, we thank you!

Venetian Red is blessed in turning 200. Thank you for being here to celebrate this milestone. We hope that you will stay with us—there are still many places to go on this enduring journey of mystery and discovery that is art.

17 Responses to “Venetian Red Turns 200”

  1. Congratulations you two on 200! And for your well-deserved world-wide readership. I’m raising a glass to the next 200 entries.

  2. Happy 200th! and may there be many more. I find the level of research and erudition here simply amazing. Your posts on lace should be made into a book.

  3. This is wonderful. Congratulations to you both and may I also thank you for the fine coverage of my own exhibition at the SFPL fall. Yours was so thorough, positive and encouraging. I appreciate your time and exposure afforded my work. Many thanks and best wishes for another 1000 !

  4. Congratulations….onward and upward into the arts….your perspectives are really interesting and your dedication impressive…to say nothing of the breadth….
    here’s to another zero.

  5. Well done on reaching 200! Here’s hoping there will be many many more to come.

  6. Congratulations to both of you. I am really very impressed–by the blog AND your passion and diligence

  7. dear liz,

    congratulationson this milestone. venetian red deserves many readers. we are stimulated, enriched, delighted, and puzzled/disturbed/amazed/awed/&c by your intelligent, beautifully researched miniature essays.

  8. Thomas Ball Says:

    Dear Liz,
    With profound thanks and hearty congratulations I wish you every success as you cross the threshold of the next phase of your endeavor. Just think of all the lives you’ve touched and all the great insight you have dispensed and enjoyed. One of the most powerful byproducts is how much you have both grown through this experience. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insights with the rest of us.

  9. I hope your very creative work and milestone here today have influenced your niece and budding artist this week. Bravo!

  10. how wonderful to see creativity,passion and humanity bedfellows with technology. here’s to the first million. xx

  11. Thank you for your passion which shows vividly in Venetian Red. To the next 200.



  13. You’ve definitely been noticed. Congratulations on an intelligent and beautiful site. Now on to the next 200 posts!

  14. ..and where to next? Cheers, to you both!

  15. Marilyn (Los Angeles) Says:

    Congratulations! Your passion shows through and here’s to a wonderful future for Venetian Red.

  16. huge accomplishment and an immense amount of fantastic information you two have written. incredibly thorough, incredibly knowledgeable, unique perspective and i pass on your link all the time for others to read. in fact, i pass your posts out to students i teach!

  17. gillian willard Says:

    What an accomplishment . You GO girl!!!

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