Dark Day Picks

On Mondays Venetian Red celebrates the day of the week when most galleries and museums are traditionally closed. “Dark Day Picks” highlights current exhibitions, new installations, art world tidbits, and, as in the case today, books that have recently made an impression on us. Get a jump on a week filled with art.


Cain Schulte, 714 Guerrero Street, SFOwen Schuh, The Conceit of Counting. Schuh builds the structure of his paintings by adding single drops of oil or acrylic paints until a pattern emerges.  Deeply interested in the relationship between nature and logic, the artist works toward a representation of nature using abstract concepts of math.

111 Minna Street Gallery, SF—Kelly Turnstall & Ferris Plock, Sea of LoveThe latest large-scale collaborative exhibition by San Francisco-based artists Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall explores relationships between sailors and mermaids, stories of lost love and misguided navigation, the diversity of creatures inhabiting the oceans and their individual roles as different vessels of possibility. Through August 29.

Donna Seager Gallery, 851 Fourth Street, San Rafael, CA—Group Exhibition introducing Jylian Gustlin. These mostly figurative works underscore the artist’s pre-occupation with shapes and patterns. Through August 29th.

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