Dark Day Picks

On Mondays Venetian Red celebrates the day of the week when most galleries and museums are traditionally closed. “Dark Day Picks” highlights current exhibitions, new installations, books, or art world tidbits. Get a jump on a week filled with art.

Today, a round up of recent articles on fakes.

Nina Kogan (attributed to) Constructivist Composition

ArtNews—The Faking of the Russian Avant Garde. “A six-month ARTnews investigation and interviews with scholars, dealers, and other sources in the United States, Russia, Germany, France, and Spain reveals that the number of Russian avant-garde fakes on the market is so high that they far outnumber the authentic works.”

Financial Times—Chinese counterfeit carpets stain the market. How the Uigher/Han conflict in Xinxiang and Chinese knock-offs of Central Asian carpets are tied together. “We had no idea our decision to block the Chinese [would] be so welcomed by top-of-the-line carpet buyers,” says a Pakistani government official involved in monitoring Chinese traders. “They are glad the Chinese are not coming.”

And farther reaching, this thought-provoking series:

Dan Mooney for Errol Morris, The Girl with Two Pearl Earrings

Errol Morris in The New York Times—Bamboozling Ourselves. Why we want to believe in fakes, forgeries, and imaginary returns.

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