Dark Day Picks—Biennale Round Up

On Mondays Venetian Red celebrates the day of the week when galleries and museums are closed. Every Monday we highlight a few current exhibitions, new installations, or art world tidbits. Get a jump on a week filled with art. Today we present a selection of random reflections on this year’s Venice Biennale (“Making Worlds”)—

Double screen screen projection from MASBEDO.

Thomas Ball (Diary of a Filmmaker/Telos): War of the Worlds

Hans-Peter Feldman, Shadow Play, 2002-2009. (Photo courtesy Tommaso Dorigo)

Tommaso Dorigo (Scientific Blogging)—Highlights from La Biennale 2009

Bruce Nauman’s Topological Gardens for the USA Pavillion, Giardini, Venice Biennale, 2009

Your Studio Blog


Odd Tag—highlights of the country pavillions

Michael Kimmelman (NY Times)—Small World Crammed on Biennale’s Grand Stage

Sebastian Snee (Boston.com)—Venice Sees a Flood of Creativity

Artforum—roundup of international opinion

Artipedia—The Perpetual Gypsy Pavilion

Biennale URL

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