“Real Love Ahead”—Look Down!: IWP #16

Photo ©2008 Liz Hager

Date: 08/01/08

Time: 3:05 pm

Location: Bunker wall, Marin Headlands

“Indispensable Wisdom on the Pavement”:  All the Look Down! posts have been published on the day I took the photo. All of them have been on the pavement.  I constantly debate with myself about the wisdom of posting “Wisdom” outside those rules, MY rules.  “Real Love Ahead” wasn’t taken on this day and the message is scrawled across a wall, not laid down on the pavement. This time expediency got in the way of the rules. Plus, I loved this hopeful message lurking near the light as you emerge from a long, dark tunnel. Sometimes, you just gotta break the rules.

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