I Nominate Sarah Palin for “Bridge to Nowhere” Award

photo courtesy Daily Kos, 9/3/2008

Nothing could be more emblematic of McCain’s disastrous—no, reckless & unconscionable—choice of Palin as Vice President than the “Nowhere Alaska” T-shirt she held up during a September 2006 press conference in proud support of the Gravina project, aka “Bridge to Nowhere.” 

It seems clear that the tactic of choosing Sarah Palin as the running mate was not about the advancement of women in the political sphere, but about furthering the Conservative agenda. As far as I can tell, this agenda concerns itself with dividing Americans against each other and against the rest of the world. (Parenthetically, though, the choice of this unqualified and uninformed woman may actually set back the cause of women in politics.)

Yes, the Alaska Governor’s stance against choice is reason enough not to vote for this ticket. But the real issue with a Palin candidacy is even more disturbing than reproductive rights and stem cell research. Despite the Bush Administration’s disrespect for the global community, the fact is that America cannot operate independently of it. Our future depends on our leaders understanding the nuances of international relations. The realities of oil production/consumption alone should confirm that for all of us.

Conservatives (and duped Republicans) hold Palin up as an acceptable standard for the second most important leader in our country. And yet, this is a candidate who doesn’t even know what the current administration’s policies are, never mind having an opinion about them; thinks that she has insight into Russia, because she can see it from Alaska (YIKES, echoes of Bush looking into Putin’s eyes and seeing the soul of a good man!); considers travel to Canada and Mexico as international experience; categorizes trade representatives from other countries as “foreign leaders”; and, as recently as Thursday, publicly connects Saddam Hussein and 9/11 attacks. 

Ignorance and lack of curiosity are the standards we should strive for in our Vice Presidents?  Didn’t the past 8 years already teach us that lesson? 

For excellence displayed in foreign relations, I’m nominating Sarah Palin for the first-ever “Bridge to Nowhere” award. But here’s the catch—I’ve rigged this election. Palin can only win the award if we vote against her in November.

One Response to “I Nominate Sarah Palin for “Bridge to Nowhere” Award”

  1. trish Pillsbury Says:

    It is so insulting that the Republicans are manipulating the feelings that many women had when Hillary lost the nomination that she was treated unfairly by the press and the DNC They present this gun toting, pro-life, hockey mom that reacts like a” pit-bull” to defend her ideas. that we have to take her seriously(no sexist criticism allowed) What happened to the bar set by Madeline Albright or Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer.
    Are we to have this symbol of whatever-she-is held up for all the world to see as the American ideal of a women candidate? At least GW went to Harvard.

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