“Crying is Okay Here”—Look Down!: Wisdom on the Pavement, SF#1

Photo ©2008 Liz Hager

On a trip to Buenos Aires, a city with predominantly political and social graffiti, I learned that looking down had its daily rewards. I’ve been doing it ever since.  When you make a habit of watching what’s at your feet as you walk, you notice how much commentary—social, political, humorous, amorous, sentimental, and even artistic—ends up on our urban pavements.  But it’s subtle—not exactly “in your face” the way vertical-surface griffiti is.   Pavement graffiti requires you to slow down a bit. 

This is the launch of an ongoing series on our Wisdom on the Pavement. We begin in our home city of San Francisco. 

With a nod to Brigit Jones, here goes:

Date: 07/30/08

Time: 2:28pm

Location: Guerrero between 18th & 19th, EAST sidewalk

“Indispensible Wisdom on the Pavement”: The pavement gives us permission we may not grant ourselves.  Additionally, an unusual “softer side” touch in the harsh urban environment.

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